Surfing in Balian, Bali

Balian surf spots and information

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Bali is already world-renowned for its consistency of surf, so as Bali’s most consistent surf spot, you can imagine how good it is at Balian.

Enjoying waves almost every single day of the year — even during the wet season when other breaks are completely flat — Balian has waves for all levels of surfer and isn’t plagued by overcrowding in the water, like many other places on the island.

The main attraction to Balian is a very high-quality A-frame river mouth peak which serves up long rippable walls almost every single day.

When you stay with us at Beach Villa Balian, the surf is right outside your bedroom window, so you don’t even have to get out of bed to check the surfing conditions.

What ability levels can surf at Balian?

There suitable waves for all abilities at Balian so you’ll have a great time regardless of whether you’re a beginner or expert.

Beginners surfing at Balian

The waves on the inside, closest to the shore, are suitable for beginners with board hire and lessons available on the beach.

Intermediate surfing at Balian

Balian isn’t a sharp, shallow reef like many breaks in Bali which means intermediate surfers will feel confident in the line-up — especially considering there is a deep-water channel to give those tired shoulders a break on the paddle back out.

For the advanced surfers, you have the pick of the waves with either side of the A-frame offering waves with a different character.

Balian’s unique location

Balian’s sacred river is to thank for the very high quality of waves here — running for thousands of years and etching a deep water channel that stretches out to sea.

This deep-water channel focuses the energy and power of the swell towards the beach which helps to make the most of even the smallest swells and results in one of the world’s most consistent surf spots.

Balian’s unique location below the mountains also helps to make the surfing conditions here even better as cool mountain air is funnelled down from higher altitudes. This air creates an offshore breeze most days and keeps the waves nice and clean.

With this unique combination of topography and bathymetry, you could get a quality rideable wave here every day of the year!

Surf spots in Balian

Balian has three distinct surf areas/spots:

A-frame lefthander

The Peak is an A-frame that picks up the most swell and is situated directly in front of the river mouth.

Breaking in both directions, the lefthander is a slower wave and can wall up for a leg-burning ride, all the way to the beach. On some days, it can also be a mushier wave too — more suited to intermediate surfers than high-performance surfing.

The A-frame left is very rippable and lots of fun on its day, and with deep water on the west side of the river, the paddle back to the line up is relatively easy too.

A-frame righthander aka Ketut’s

On the east side of the river, the fast, hollower and heavier right-handers are more suited to the advanced surfers.

The rights are fast, quality, down-the-line waves but with relatively shallow water on the inside, the paddle back out can be tricky — especially on the bigger days.

When the right-hander is working, you’ll always find the local ex-pat regular-footed crew who, thanks to years of dedication, know exactly where to sit for the best waves and which ones will break with the best shape.

Goofy-footers might find the right-handers a little too fast so you have been warned!

Inside left

In addition to the main A-frame peaks, there is an inside lefthander that enjoys shelter from the trade winds on the west side of the river. This is more popular with intermediate surfers so if you’re not feeling up to the main peak, this could be the spot for you.

On very big days when the A-frame is closing out, the inside left will be the only option and can still serve up some very fun waves.

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